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Professional Property — Real Estate Rental & Leasing  in Upland, CA
Welcome to the Website of Professional Property Management. We are one of the leading property management companies in the Inland Empire, and we take great pride in the high level of professional service we have been bringing to this area for over 38 years.
Professional Property Management has been located in the Inland Empire since its inception in 1979. First located in the city of Ontario, the company moved to Upland in 1984 and has been at the current location since 1993. Professional Property Management is currently a member of the Upland Chamber of Commerce, an active member in the Apartment/Condominium Owners Association.
Building Property — Real Estate Rental & Leasing  in Upland, CA
As a local company dedicated to professional property management, we provide many services that our competition is unable to match. For example, we use a 24-hour answering/paging service staffed by an actual human being, not a machine. This answering service lets us get full, accurate information when owners and tenants experience emergencies outside of normal business hours and on weekends and holidays. Also, we are able to keep maintenance costs as low as possible by handling all repairs on a competitive bid basis using independent contractors. And what's more, our staff is exceptional. We maintain accurate written records with all of our field people to check on maintenance calls and follow up on scheduled completion dates. Our top-notch office staff is highly knowledgeable and is thoroughly trained in the operation of our sophisticated computer system and management operations.
Bungalow — Real Estate Rental & Leasing  in Upland, CA
The following is a list of services provided by Professional Property Management. Advertise and market the property utilizing our unique marketing program, which can be demonstrated in an interview. Complete a market survey to establish the current rental values and market conditions. Make recommendations, if necessary, to provide the best possible curb appeal.
Beautiful home — Real Estate Rental & Leasing  in Upland, CA
Screen prospective tenants, qualifying and analyzing income, credit history, rental history, employment, and other information contained in the rental application.
Prepare rental documents, including offer to rent and receipt for deposit, rental agreement, smoke detector agreement, proration letter, demand note, pet agreement (if pets are allowed), rules and regulation, receipt for keys, garage door openers, pool keys, parking permits, etc.
outside of a beautiful home — Real Estate Rental & Leasing  in Upland, CA
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